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Congratulations to Scott Maxwell and the whole Mars Curiosity team!

It’s a little late but I wanted to congratulate my guest, Scott Maxwell, Mars rover driver team lead, on the successful and amazing landing of MSL / Curiosity. I also wanted to share a photo Scott sent me of him, sporting his Interview With A Geek t-shirt at JPL!

Who knows… maybe he’ll wear it work when the NASA TV camera are rolling. Do they have casual Friday’s on Mars? ;)

Learn more about the awesome SCIENCE going on NOW on MARS ->

Independence Day made more festive with the help of Jody Ellen!!

Happy Independence Day one and all! I’ve spend part of my day swimming and sitting by the pool, eating all sorts of tasty things and playing Civ 5 and freeing all sorts of people under the yoke of tyranny. How could my day get any better? Former guest, and one of my favorite singers, Jody Ellen was kind enough to send me a photo of her wearing the Interview With A Geek t-shirt! I sent her the shirt as a thank you for being on the show and she was uber cool and kind to send me a pick of her wearing it!

So, here’s a very special thank you to Jody and a Happy Independence Day! You ROCK!

(BTW while you’re here, head on over to Jody’s website or Facebook page and see what she’s been up to!)


Congratulations to Jody Ellen and Abney Park!

Guest and friend of the show, Jody Ellen could be heard last night during the newest episode of  Tru Blood!! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!

Go here to watch and listen! ->

Abney Parks’ latest recording of Sleep Isabella, featuring Jody’s voice,  could be heard during during the show. whoohoo!

Congratulations again to Jody and Abney Park!

Now with more iTunes…

Greetings all! Finally, you can now subscribe to Interivew With A Geek via iTunes!

Follow this link ->

Now, don’t fret if you don’t have iTunes or care to use it. The show will continue to be available via this website and the RSS feeds you might already be using!

Check back soon for new guest announcements and shows! We’ve got some real exciting guests lined up for you!

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Episode 8, Scott Maxwell

Big Bang Theory? Fiction folks – this man is the REAL deal.
In the future, I believe Scott Maxwell’s contributions to space exploration will be more than a mere footnote in a history book somewhere. He’s a natural story teller with an eye on what’s important, and if I dare say, the dramatic and funny as well. He’s a geek who get’s Shakespear, can quote from The Princess Bride to make an all too funny point, and happens to be the frakin Mars Rover Driver Team Lead. We live in the future folks because there’ somebody in charge of driving more than one rover on another planet -now where’s my jet pack? Scott is one of the funnest and easiest interviews I’ve done. If you want a new drinking game, take a drink every time I laugh or giggle. Yeah, I geek out pretty bad – even when we talk musical theater. o.O

I  seriously doubt any of you will blame me after listening to the show. Oh, want more incentive? Ever want to know how they did a brain transplant on a robot on Mars, from Earth? Yeah, I though you might.  Enjoy!

Scott Maxwell (@marsroverdriver) on Twitter

Blog: Mars and Me

Scott on Google+


The Show!

Interview With A Geek, Episode 8, Scott Maxwell

EPISODE 7, Brian Kesinger

Hey everyone! If you didn’t think I could geek out anymore on this show.. well you are about to be proven wrong. One day while I was surfing the Internet, I found some of the most amazing steampunk art that simply blew my mind. These fanciful and beautiful illustrations of ladies with goggles, steam powered jet packs and cephalopods, collectively know as the Tea Girls, was my first introduction (or so I thought) to the incredible artwork of Mr. Brian Kesinger. It turns out Brian is the creator of some of my favorite art – from his incredible work on Disney’s Atlantis or his Hasbro sanctioned steampunk Optimus Prime, or to one of his most recent works – a steampunk likeness of Miss Felicia Day! So, if you are unfamiliar with Brian’s work, or his name (like I was!), allow me, to humbly introduce, the incredibly talented Mr. Brian Kesinger!

Oh, and if you don’t think this man is completely awesome and worthy of all my geeking out.. he’s credited as a writer on the most recent Disney Winnie the Pooh movie. WINNIE THE POOH!!

Also  Brian wanted to give a special thank  you to Guy Brand at!

Enjoy our chat!

Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls via Clockwork Couture

The Tea Girls Facebook Page

Brian’s Fine Art America Page

Brian’s IMDB Page

Vote for Brian’s Incredible Star Wars shirts!

The show! 

Interview With A Geek, Episode 7, Brian Kesinger

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Hey all!

By popular demand, I’ve made it VERY easy to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Simply click here: pcast://
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- John

SPECIAL EVENT: Interview with the crew of the International Space Station, Expedition 30

Ok. This isn’t really an episode of Interview With A Geek, but I DID get to interview the crew of the International Space Station this morning. I received a Tweet yesterday, followed by an email from NASA employee Amiko Kauderer. I was given the honor of asking one question, via a phone/uplink to the crew of the ISS. Thrilled? Beyond words. Go read my tweets from today. Giddy, for hours.

My friend (and hopefully future guest on the show) Shannon Moore (aka @ageekmom) asks her question around 17:35 and my question is at 19:10. Enjoy.

Episode 6, Clare Grant

This show is all about celebrating the Geek. There are many types of geeks and I like to talk to people who are not afraid to geek out and be proud. Clare is without a doubt the type of geek to geek out with the best of them. Who is this Clare Grant you say? Well, she’s an actress, gamer, unicorn, reformed baseball nerd, collectible card game pro, model, and the cohort of Boba Fett. Where might you have seen her? Walk the Line? Black Snake MoanG33K & G4M3R Girls? and there’s more! Lot’s more. Where have you heard her? Star Wars: The Clone Wars Yes. Fraking Star Wars: The Clone Wars. and Robot Chicken. I could stop there. But I won’t. In addition to her already mighty geek cred, add an appreciation for Lego Bricks, cosplay, fine southern cooking and the Chicago Cubs. In this episode we talk about all this, her up coming projects and… space. Oh, Clare.. I’m so very very jealous. #spacecamp

Please note: This post will be updated with the Sausage Balls recipe. Seriously. Listen and learn and.. No laughing.






Technical Notes: (ie. What went technically wrong during the interview).  This interview was planned to be audio only, so video was not a problem at all. (check)  Audio, was better… Mic failed. Skype (the internets actually) failed… my antique chair my mother restored and gave to me as a gift many years ago.. fail.

Interview With A Geek, Episode 6, Clare Grant


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